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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your warranty?
    Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and all of our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If anything causes you concern, please give us a call and we will make it right.
  • Do you pay deductibles?
    We can help.
  • Do you charge for estimates?
    No, all estimates are free.
  • Can you communicate with my insurance company to work out the details?
    After you make the insurance claim they will provide you with a claim number, once we have the claim number we can handle it from there. We keep you updated on the status of repairs.
  • Do preferred shops do the best work?
    Preferred shops means they are affiliated with the insurance companies, we are affiliated to you and report to YOU first.
  • How long is the average process?
    Usually 1-2 weeks depending on the extent of damage to the vehicle.
  • What if I need a rental car?
    You will be provided with a rental car at the shop through your insurance company or we may share the expense with you depending on the situation.
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